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second home near Mumbai

Second Home near Mumbai

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India has been witnessing rapid economic growth since 1990’s when the economy opened up. The economic activities paced up and since then the GDP is constantly growing. Income levels have gone up, joint families are giving way to nuclear families as the new generation marches towards independence and privacy. Now people are not content with one house, they want another one too. Today, the concept of owning a second home has become common, especially for the upper-middle-class household of metro cities. Second home near Mumbai, for example, is something that we hear in our circle very often.

Slowly this concept is also catching up with the middle-class families, whose income is on the rise, especially due to two earning members in the house. Therefore, the demand for a second home near Mumbai is growing. The stresses of living in a city life are pushing people to look out for relaxation options on the weekend or for a few days every second or third month. The need to unwind, relax and rejuvenate is driving people to invest in second homes.

Many people also refer to it as a vacation home or a weekend home because these second home near Mumbai are a few hours driving distances. In some cases close relative or friends book plots together in order to avail group discounts and experience other benefits which includes, having fun with the loved ones during such weekend getaways or vacations.


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