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Team Talks

“Working with Prithvi Land Project has been a wonderful experience for me. It has evolved me both personally and professionally. I started my journey in the organization precisely 2 years back as a Trainer and currently, I Head 2 verticals Human Resources and Training. I owe my learning and success to my mentor “Mr. Vishnu Adhikari” whom I fondly call as Boss its because of his Never Say Die Attitude and faith in me that I have achieved these great heights.

Prithvi Land Project is a great platform for young & energetic individuals who have a zeal to achieve something in life and build their success story.”

Brian Dsilva
Head - HR and Training
Vidhya Naikar
Deputy General Manager - Sales

My sales experience was not a benchmark that I was selected in the Sales Team. But it was my skills that gave me an edge over. Prithvi land Project gives a chance to those who have the will to prove themselves and are willing to give what it takes to become a leader. Mr. Vishnu Adhikari gave me that chance and believed in me to lead as Deputy General Manager. Most importantly, my efforts are appreciated here and every word is taken to act promptly. It’s a great working environment for everyone. Working @ Prithvi Land Project has immensely fabulous till date and continues as time goes by.

Since its inception in 2013, I have been a part of PLP journey. Prithvi Land Project is focused on building Dreams for People dreaming about most exquisite 2nd home. People looking for NA Plots or Bungalow Plots with Hassle free services Prithvi Land Project is one stop shop for you. As a General Manager, my team has always believed in me, above all the company’s two major pillars Mr. DB Chand and Mr. Vishnu Adhikari have been by my side always.

Dillip Jena
General Manager - Sales
CRM Executive
CRM Executive

Working with Prithvi Land Project for almost 4 months now and its been a fabulous time. I learned quite a few things about corporate lifestyle.

Working with Prithvi land project has given me a platform where I have learned a lot about my domain, I am thankful to our director who is an transformer for many individuals working with Prithvi Land Project including me, It’s all about your willingness to learn things,taking challenges,your hard work and never give up attitude.

HR Associate
HR Associate
CRM Executive
CRM Executive

Great Company to work for…A place where you can optimize and focus on your strengths and work on your weakness to improve oneself at the same time.

Amazing Culture, Great Benefits, Good Opportunity to learn & Awesome People & Management.

Account Executive
Account Executive
Reshma Kasbe
Manager - Sales

Have been working here for almost a 2 years now. Prithvi Land Project has given me an opportunity to unlock my full potential in Sales Front and gave this confidence to excel in this field.

Working at Prithvi Land Project is just fun and challenging at the same time. I personally feel anyone with right talent and patience for right opportunity belongs here. My Personal favorite time in the company is every Saturday morning session where entire organization have a short get together and have fun and share their shortfalls and roadblocks.

Prathamesh Kshirsagar
Senior Manager - Sales
Kajal Soni
Team Leader

It is my Best Experience working in Prithvi Land project. The meetings and training of company are super amazing. The environment here is really spectacular. Working in such environment leads to a successful Career.

Positive Atmosphere at Prithvi land Project is unbeatable. One thing that I really liked is they have a complete transparency from top management to Executives

Jolly Vasani
Asst Manager - Post Sales
Kshama Gawas
Manager - Finance

Have been working here for almost a 4 years now. Feels great to be a part of such versatile team, Have learned and grown my skill set to next level.

After bouncing from various Organization I landed at Prithvi Land Project and got stuck with them for good. Amazingly fun and Challenging work space and team members. Mr. Vishnu Adhikari the most motivated individual I have ever met. keep up the good work!!!.

Riddhi Darjee
Assistant Manager - Customer Service